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Your feet are your body's foundation. They also cover a lot of ground in a lifetime.



Unfortunately those who have foot problems will tell you; "When your feet hurt, you hurt all over." 


Don't suffer needlessly. Contact our clinic so we can help keep your feet healthy and pain free!





Meet our Chiropodists


Doreen Lavoie Bird, 

D. Ch.

Sandra Barrett Kent,  

D. Ch.

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Referrals from your family Physician are not required but are always welcomed.






Do you hurt...


- in your heel when walking?

- in your ankle area?

- in the arch of your foot?

- in your toes?

- and/or feel fatigue in your legs?

- in your hip area?

- as a result of a sports related foot strain? 


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Are any of your toenails...


- discolored?

- sore to the touch?

- extremely thick or brittle?

- in need of proper care and attention?



Discover how we can help. (link)



Have your feet fallen victim to...


- warts?

- corns?

- calluses?

- skin infections?



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Presenting the audio feature geared towards foot health!


Just click the notebook and listen..





The Centenary Foot Clinic is located in the 

Scarborough and Rouge Hospital,

The Court, Suite 404

2863 Ellesmere Road, Toronto


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