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Foot Care and Diabetes





Foot care is VERY important for people with diabetes. The feet are often the first part of the body to be affected by diabetes. Diabetes can damage blood vessels, causing poor blood flow to the feet. This can cause slower healing and increase the risk of infection. Unfortunately diabetes can also damage nerves, causing loss of feeling. As a result a person with diabetes may hurt their feet and not know it! 

The Centenary Foot Clinic professionals understand the importance of proper foot care when dealing with diabetes, that's why we created a list of steps every diabetic should know in order to help keep their feet healthy. Click HERE for an online copy.

Contact us for more information: info@centenaryfootclinic.com    



Informing the Community




Doreen Lavoie Bird & Sandra Barrett Kent


Diabetes Lecture and Foot Risk Assessment is provided by our clinic to the community several times a year. Doreen Lavoie Bird and Sandra Barrett Kent understand the value of foot education in reducing complications to the foot as a result of diabetes





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